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    SCBH15 series dry amorphous alloy transformer

    SCBH15 Products
    SC (B) H15 series amorphous alloy products inherited the heat SGproduct is good, noneed mould, flexible design advantages, drawingon the anti-lightning surge drum coil SC product good, longitudinalairway has aself-cleaning operation characteristics,and to improve and launch innovative generation of energy-efficient,safe and environmentally friendly, amorphousalloy dry-type transformers. Amorphousalloy dry-type transformerscapacity range of 30 ~ 2500kVA, voltage 10kv

    1. Energy Pioneer - products due to productionand use of amorphous alloy core innovation ofthe three-phase three-column manufacturing processes, a significant declinein the iron loss, no-load lossis about 25% of the conventional dry change. Although higher investmentamorphous alloy core initial investment,but the amorphous alloy transformer due toits high efficiency, energysaving features, at an averageload of 60% ofthe cases, recoverable 3-5 years additional investment in the transformer 30 years life in considerablesavings in electricity charges.

    2. High reliability - products meet national standardsGB1094.11-2007, GB / T22072-2008 and IEC60076-11 standards; product of H level(temperature 180 ) heat level, and its main insulatingmaterial is C grade (temperature 220 ), andleft a large margin; can withstand the harsh conditions of storage,transportation; in bad conditions (including climate, geography) running; thereare more than dry-type transformers overload capacity; there is a goodshort-circuit capacity; transformer under normal use conditions are maintenancefree.

    3. Good safety - transformers in use, not combustion, flame can not explode andrelease harmful gases; transformer is in use, the environment and otherequipment are not particularly harmful to the person.

    4. Environmental protection and good - products in the manufacturing,transportation, storage, will not pollute the environment running; products inthe end of life, the coil can be recycled, resources can be re-used, it willnot cause harm to the environment; another innovation core structure andadvanced manufacturing processes to ensure the amorphous transformer noisebelow existing national standards 4-5dB, the successful capture of largeamorphous transformer noise problems.

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