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    Box-type substation series (European box changes)

      Products Introduction

      YB box-type substation, also known as European box changes, product line with GB17467-1998 "high and low voltage prefabricated substation" and IEC1330 standards, as a new power supply and distribution system, which has many advantages over traditional civil substation. Because of its small size, small footprint, compact, easy to move, thus greatly reducing the period and area of ??infrastructure, but also to reduce infrastructure costs. Meanwhile, box-type substation site installation is simple, supply fast, simple equipment maintenance, no special duty, in particular, it can depth load center, to improve the quality of power supply to reduce power losses and enhanced reliability of electricity supply and distribution network transformation are very important. Box changes complete energy conversion, distribution, control, protection and communication functions transmission, metering, compensation, system.

      YB Substation combination of high voltage switchgear, low voltage distribution panel, power distribution transformers and shell is made of four parts, high-pressure air load switches, transformers and dry type transformers or oil-immersed transformers. Box with a good ventilation and heat insulation structure, beautiful appearance Dawan, good insulation properties, and the box has a top and bottom ventilation duct, outdoor temperature and solar radiation, high and low voltage transformer room room cause can be reduced to a minimum limit. Thermostat cabinets installed forced ventilation and sun automatic temperature control device. Each independent unit installed sound control, protection, live shows and lighting systems.


      Applies voltage 35KV and below the main transformer capacity 5000KVA and below the small unmanned substation, widely used in urban industrial substation, 10KV ring network system, rural power 35KV substations and other occasions.

      The main function

      Complete energy conversion, distribution, control, protection and communication functions transmission, metering, compensation, system. Main features

      The primary and secondary equipment pre-installed on a removable, fully enclosed, temperature-controlled, corrosion rust proof cabinets, arriving at the scene only be installed on a cement foundation. With less investment, short construction period, small footprint, easy harmony with the environment and so on.


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